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Returns Made Simple

Easing Your Burden


What is Cinch?

Cinch is a return service making returning items easy as ever. You'll never have to leave your house again to ship returns. Just schedule a pickup with us and get back to spending time doing the things you love. Don't let your weekend errands burden you anymore. If making returns has you in a pinch, we'll handle it in a Cinch!

How Does it Work?

Schedule your Cinch pickup by completing our pickup form

If you have a QR code or need your shipping label printed, let us know 

Sit back and let a Cinch driver handle your return


Efficient Drop off Times

Cinch Pricing

Cinch Returns rates are a based on package size starting at $5 for small packages plus mileage between pickup and drop off location. See our pickup form for more details.

Schedule With Us

When you schedule your pickup with Cinch, your return is in good hands.

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